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Adaptive Bodywork

AB 8-Series

AB 8-Series

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AB 8-Series - A series of nine 90 minute sessions $1,350

The AB 8-Series represents the pinnacle of Structural Integration, offering an all-encompassing approach to transforming your body's alignment, function, and overall well-being. This series includes nine sessions, each 90 minutes long, covering the Superficial Front Line, Superficial Back Line, Lateral Lines, Spiral Line, the entire Deep Front Line (both lower and upper portions), the Deep Back Line, and now, the Head Session.

By incorporating the Head Session, we address the intricate connections within your cranial structure, neck, and head, ensuring a holistic integration of your entire body from head to toe. Clients often report profound improvements in posture, breathing, movement fluidity, energy levels, and a deep, integrated body awareness. Completing the AB 8-Series will leave you feeling completely balanced, with a heightened sense of harmony and ease throughout your entire body, achieving a new level of physical and mental alignment that enhances every aspect of your daily life.

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