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Adaptive Bodywork

AB 6-Series

AB 6-Series

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AB 6-Series - A series of six 90 minute sessions $900

The AB 6-Series offers an all-encompassing approach to Structural Integration, providing a thorough and transformative experience for your body's alignment and functionality. This series consists of six sessions, each 90 minutes long, encompassing the Superficial Front Line, Superficial Back Line, Lateral Lines, Spiral Line, and the entire Deep Front Line, including both its lower and upper portions.

By addressing the upper portion of the Deep Front Line, we delve into deeper structural layers, focusing on core stability, alignment, and the intricate connections that support your overall posture and movement patterns. Clients frequently report dramatic improvements in their posture, breathing, movement fluidity, energy levels, and a profound sense of integrated body awareness. Completing the AB 6-Series will leave you feeling completely at home and in tune with your body, experiencing a new level of balance, strength, and ease in your everyday movements.

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